Sunday, February 7, 2016

“I don't just *like* your artwork; I LOVE IT!!!”Inga Lloyd

Storm Over the Fields

30x40 Oils on canvas 

The sky fascinates me, especially a stormy sky. The sky at sunrise and sunset is magnificent and I often find myself in awe when I see the beauty of nature. This painting is striking at any viewing angle. The colors are exquisite and the painting has just the right amount of detail to give the viewer a sense of distance. This piece is painted around the edges, there is no need for a frame on this 30x40x1.5

The canvas is professional grade, pure cotton duck, oil primed, and heavy. The stretcher bars are 1.5x2.25; it is very solid built. A beautiful and impressive piece made to last well beyond our lifetime.

Friday, February 5, 2016


“My wife and I had promised ourselves we would get some good artwork for years. You are the first artist to produce work we both like and at a price we can swallow ....”David Bayliss

Amapolas y Trigo


16x20 Oils on canvas

I was born in Spain and I remember as a child walking through wheat (trigo) fields just like this one where you can often find poppies (amapolas) growing wild. This piece features the wheat fields of Spain. It has beautiful color, gorgeous blending and contrast. This is a striking painting, a conversation piece for sure.
The canvas is of professional grade, pure cotton and acrylic primed.